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Afro-kids midi

These fit kids of the age of 4 yrs to 10 yrs. They are slightly tighter around the head and has less room for big hair.



The cap has 23cm circumference. It fits kids and adults with high volume hair like afro, long length hair in straight form, weaves and braids/locs that are shoulder long. It has more room than standard caps.



The cap has 26,5cm circumference. It fits adults with high volume braids, dreadlocks and big afros.



This is a large cap with 29cm circumference. It is suitable for long braids and dreadlocks that are mid-back length and longer depending on the volume. 


Afro-regular narrow

Similar to the Afro-regular cap but with a narrow opening for smaller heads. If you have length and a smaller head , it will be a perfect fit.


Afro-super large

It has 36cm circumference. It is suitable for waist long locs and braids.

Swimma Caps


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